:: Hanter 8 Zones Wireless Digital Alarm System HM2098 Features ::

Ideal for :

Apartment / Condominium
Single & Double story link house
Semi-D and Corner lot
Office, shop lot or workshop
Other premises that required more than 10 protection points

Key features :

No extra wires needed. Secure your home, garage, office and any other objects with this   easy to install alarm system
Full system including Wireless PIR Motion Sensor, Wireless Magnetic Door/Window Contact, Remote Control, Wireless Vibration Sensor, Wireless Door Bell, Wireless Panic Button and Wireless Outdoor Strobe Light Siren.
The system consists of a Control Panel that monitors the various entry points in the home. If an intruder is trying to break into the house through one of the protected entry points, the system will detect this and will trigger the siren.
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When the intruder triggers any one of the sensor/detector, either the Magnetic Door/Window Contact, Vibration Sensor or PIR Motion Sensor, both the Control Panel and Siren Unit will sound immediately and have a 110dB piercing siren that will deter the intruder from continuing with the break in.
When the transmitter sends a signal to the Control Panel about the intrusion, the system will then call the 6 pre-programmed phone numbers which can be the hand phone or office phone, to warn the owner of the intrusion.

Technical Specifications :

Wireless & Wired Compatible Security System.
Operate by Remote Control and Keypad.
Long distance remote controlling via Mobile or Touch-Tone Phone (anywhere) to arm, disarm, activate speaker function, two way communication, In-field Listening feature (allows you to hear what is happening inside the premise) and activate or deactivate siren.
Built-in programmable voice dialer - automatically dials up to 6 Telephone numbers for help or notification and plays a 10 seconds own recorded voice message when alarm is triggered.

Auto dialing function for CMS (Central Monitoring System) telephone number.

Support Contact ID.

8 wireless programmable zones and 4 wired zones with LED Light indication.

3 defaulted by-pass zones and one 24 hours zone.

All zones can be set by-pass except zone 8. Activate alarm while staying / sleeping athome .

Pre setting function on activate/deactivate the siren, password, telephone line cut checking, keypad sound, sending signal to CMS when arm/disarm.


Programmable arming delay duration, alarming delay duration and telephone ringing times.

Tamper proof, built-in phone line disconnect alarm for better protection against line cut.

24 hour Panic Button feature & zone.

Door Bell function.

Silent alarm feature. System will auto-dial to preset telephone numbers when alarm triggered without activate the siren.

User programmable security codes, maximum 16 digits.

Radio Frequency channel 315 Mhz/433Mhz .

Up to 100 meters wireless working range (without obstacles or interference).

Remote Control for arm/disarm alarm system and build-in Panic Button function.

Wireless PIR Motion Sensor. Tracks motion up to 12 meters, 110 degrees.

Wireless Magnetic Door/Window Contact - for doors and windows that open out.

Wireless Vibration Sensor with adjustable sensitivity– for metal grills and fixed glass windows.

Wireless Smoke & Gas Leakage Detector compatible

Wireless 110dB Outdoor Strobe Light Siren with tamper switch (support by 433Mhz RF Transmitter & RF Receiver).

IDF – Invisible Digital Fence for perimeter protection (Detection range up to 40 meters).

Batteries included for all wireless sensors and remote controls.

Battery low indication on Control Panel and Wireless PIR Motion Sensor.

Expandable with sensors from Hanter alarm series, Support up to 64 additional wireless sensors/detectors and 8 Remote Controls.

A maximum of eight (8) sensors/detectors can be programmed in each zone.

Auto pairing with Digital Code technology when adding new sensor/detector.

More than 2.1 million wireless codes for trouble free operation.

Data or setting will retained when power failure.


Product sizes :

Control Panel (HxWxD in cm): (15.5*10.5*3)cm

Remote Control (HxWxD in cm): (5.5*2.7*1)cm

Door/window Contact (HxWxD in cm): (7*3.5*1.5)cm

PIR Motion Sensor (HxWxD in cm): (10*5.3*4)cm

Gross weight: 1.08 kg (Basic Package)


Basic Package contents :

Control Panel/Main alarm unit

2 units of Remote Control with battery 27A 12V

1 unit of Wireless PIR Motion Sensor with battery 9V

1 unit of Wireless Magnetic Door/window Contact with battery 23A 12V

Power adapter 9VAC/300mA

Telephone cable

User Manual


Optional accessories :

IDF – Invisible Digital Fence (6 Beams, Length 124 cm & range 40m)

Wireless Vibration Sensor

Wireless Door Bell

Wireless Panic Button

Wireless Smoke Detector

Wireless Gas Leakage Detector

Wireless Roller Shutter Detector

Wired Outdoor Strobe Light Siren

Wireless Outdoor Strobe Light Siren

GSM Dialer

Frequency Range Extender


Minimum System Requirements :

240VAC Power connection for main alarm unit.

Analogue phone connections.

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