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Dual Network(GSM&PSTN) Wireles Home Alarm System
Wireless Alarm 2088
Hanter Infrared Beam Dectector
Hanter Wireless Alarm 2078
Hanter Wireless Alarm 2088
Hanter Wireless Alarm 2098
Hanter Wireless Alarm 3088
Hanter Vibration Montion Sensor
Wired Alarm
Hanter Magnetic Contact
Hanter Infrared Beam Dectector
..... Operating voltage : 220V AC .....
Operating frequency : 315MHz
Dimensional measurement : 450x430x160mm
Weight :15kg
Type of material used to build this CMS : Steel, electrical component
Operating temperature : (In case it is too over heating, since it is ON at all times.) -20 - +65C
Under what condition, unit will turn rusty fast for the exterior : Environment Humidity:less than 95%
Under what condition, unit will turn rusty fast for the interior : Damp environment
The security and protection burglar alarm host is a special instrument which retrieves alarm information by answering the alarm telephone automatically through the phone line. This CMS can be operated separately, and it also shows the main alarm information when received the tell-alarm, such as the user’s serial number, the alarm number etc. and able to save the alarm information up to 99 data.
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