Q: What does a wireless alarm control panel do?
A: The Control Panel is the heart of the intruder alarm system and contains the microprocessor and electronic circuitry necessary to monitor the various detection circuits (Points) and to initiate an alarm condition in the event of an intrusion into a protected area. It incorporates an internal sounder. It allows all user configurable settings to be programmed
Q: What is a PIR (Motion Sensor) and how many do I need?

A: PIRs detect movement by detecting changes in heat caused by a person moving within the devices detection zone.  Basic Rule: Protect major rooms and access routes, (e.g. Lounge, Study, hallway, landing etc).


Q: What is a Magnetic Door Contact and how many do I need?

A: Magnetic Door Contacts are used to protect doors and windows. It will detect when the door or window is opened. Basic Rule: Protect major external doorways and windows if not already protected by a PIR, (e.g. Front & Back doors, Patio Doors etc).
Q: What is a Remote Control?

A: The Remote Control allows you to simply Arm and Disarm your security system from any location (within range) and from outside the property. It includes panic button facility

Q: Can the Wireless Alarm Systems be extended for even greater protection?

A: Yes, additional PIR and Magnetic Contact Detectors can be added to your system to protect additional areas and doors or windows in your house. Extra Remote Controls are also available.

Q: In the event of a power failure will the alarm system continue to operate?
A: Yes, control panels are supplied with batteries or rechargeable back-up batteries fitted. These will power the system (depending upon battery condition and use in the event of a power failure).

Q: In the event of a power failure will I have to reprogram the control panel?

A: No,all our control panels incorporate a non-volatile memory (NVM) that will hold any information indefinitely.
Q: What is the battery life in the Control Panel & wireless sensors?

A: Control Panel : Up to 36hours(in use when power failure)

.....Magnetic Door Switch : 3 – 8 months
.....PIR Motion Sensor..... : 3 – 6 months

.....Smoke Detector.......... : 5 – 7 months

Note:The lifetime of the batteries will usually be shorter, depending on how frequently the detector is triggered.

Q: How many wireless sensors can you fit on a wireless alarm system?
A: Depending on series and models; it up to 99 points.
Q: What is the range of the radio signals for the wireless alarm systems?

A: The general range for wireless alarm components is 80m (open space)

This range is measured in ideal conditions. Any solid object (e.g. walls, ceilings, reinforced PVC doors etc) placed between the transmitter and receiver devices will reduce the transmission range, the amount of which the range will be reduced is dependant upon the nature of the barrier. e.g.
Wall Type
Range Reduction
Dry-lined partition wall:
Single layer brick wall:
Double layer brick wall:
Metal Panel/Radiator:
Note: The effect on the range of multiple walls is cumulative. i.e. if there are two brick walls in the way, the range will be reduced by up to 40% by each wall.
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