:: IDF – Invisible Digital Fence HM640 ::

How It Work :

The IDF – Invisible Digital Fence will detect an intruder/burglar when they try to pass through the infrared beam lines, and send the signal instantly to trigger the alarm.

Ideal for :

Apartment/Condominium (Balcony)

Terrace Link House (Front & Rear)

Semi Detached / Corner lot house (Front, Rear & Side)

Bungalow (Front, Rear & Both Sides)

Shop house, Workshop, Factory, Warehouse & Hanger

Water Treatment Plant, Water Tank, Power Station & Transmission Tower

Other premises that requires pre entry protection


Key features :

Invisible Barrier:
Build an invisible barrier to detect or scare away intruder/burglar before they enter the premises


Pre Entry Warning:
An advance security protection method to monitor externally of build-up perimeter of the premises or in highly restricted areas as a form of “earlier-than –early” warning system.


Weatherproof & tamperproof :
The security feature design allow IDF to withstand outdoor condition.

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Intelligent Technology:
Adopt “Double Beam” triggering technology to detect intrusion and minimize false alarm. When two or more beam line being block for more the 40ms, the IDF will send a signal to trigger alarm.


Pet Immunity:
The “Double Beam” triggering technology also prevent domestic pets, flying birds or drop leaves from tripping the alarm


Slim & Compact Design:
Aesthetically designed to complement and not compromising overall appearance of protected premises.


Multi-System Adaptability:
As a sensor/detector to activate alarm system, spotlight, door bell, speaker or other form of security equipment.


Technical Specifications :

Wireless & wired compatible when link to Alarm panel

Detection range up to 40 meters

Adjustable angle: 180 degrees

Produce 6 infrared beam line

“Double Beam” triggering technology

Adopt digital codes for trouble free operation

Tamper proof security feature, the IDF will send a signal to trigger alarm instantly if wires are cut or the detector is maliciously damaged or realigned.


Weather proof, Protection from rain, mist & dust

Radio Frequency channel 315 Mhz

Up to 100 meters wireless working range (without obstacles or interference)

Powered by 12V AC/DC adapter

Transmitter current 175mA, Receiver current 70mA

Operating Temperature & Humidity: -25℃- +50℃, 95% or less

Interruption time: 40msec (0.000040 sec)

Product sizes:


a ) TX Transmitter Housing (HxWxD in cm): (124*4*4.5)cm

b) RX Receiver Housing (HxWxD in cm): (124*4*4.5)cm
c) Gross weight: 1 kg

Basic Package contents :

One(1) pair of IDF - Invisible Digital Fence (Wireless & Wired) c/w

1 pc – TX Transmitter (6 Beam, length 124 cm & range 40m)
1 pc – RX Receiver (6 Beam, length 124 cm & range 40m)
2 pcs - 12V AC/DC adapter

Warranty Card


Optional Accessories:

Adapter 12V 500mA

12v 7.2 Ah Rechargeable Battery

315 Mhz RF Receiver

Heavy duty floor stand

Wall mounting/bracket


Proposed Package:

Terrace Link House   -   2 pairs of IDF for front & rear Protection

Semi Detached/Corner Lot House   -  3 pairs of IDF for front, rear & side Protection

Bungalows   -  4 pairs of IDF for front, rear & both sides Protection

Others   -  To be determined during site survey             


Minimum System Requirements :

240VAC Power connection

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