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An alarm system serves to protect against illegal/unauthorized intrusions and owning one is better than having none. However, statistics have reported that alarm systems are not entirely failsafe. HANTER® (IDF) Invisible Digital Fence are designed to maximize security by building an “ invisible digital monitoring fencing “ around the external compound of the protected site.
(HOW IT WORKS) : It will detect an intruder/burglar when they try to pass through the infrared beams of the IRB Detectors and will trigger the alarm to alert the owner; thereby, scaring off the intruder/burglar before they can even approach the perimeter of the built-up area. The slim and compact designed HANTER® (IDF) Invisible Digital Fence has multiple features and benefits and is built with international components from 6 different countries.
Features & Benefits  
Invisible Barrier: Emits multiple infrared beams to create a protective digital barrier “ fencing “ – Decreases dependency on protective iron grills on windows and doors ( hazards).
Weatherproof Design: Constructed from long lasting durable materials to withstand outdoor conditions: UV rays from the sun, rain, humidity, dust, etc.
Tamperproof Alert: Built-in security features will trigger in the event the wires are cut; or if the (IDF) Invisible Digital Fence is maliciously damaged or realigned.
Multi-System Adaptability: Able to complement other existing hardwired alarm systems and the HANTER® range of wireless alarm systems.
Pet Immunity: Unique "double-beam" triggering capabilities prevent domestic pets from tripping the alarm.
Extensive Coverage: Long range coverage of 20m, 40m or 60m. (Available upon request: 60m/200ft).
Slim & Compact Design: Aesthetically designed to complement and not compromise overall appearance of protected premises.
  Application Area  
External Compounds • End-to-end of front, side or rear of premises • Garage / Car porch • Balconies • Roofs and Ceilings • Gated entrances • Glass panelled facades • Internal walls, floor and ceiling (against hacking from adjacent premises) • Common staircases • Storage areas & stockyards (Indoors / Outdoors) • “ Authorised Personnel Only “ entry zones.
HANTER® Invisible Digital Fence Pen.Malaysia
Model HM640-6 Beam & 40 meter RM 1,500 per pair
Standard Installation RM 300 per pair
*Note: Installation Not Included Hacking And Special Trenching Works.
  Available: Length & Distance - 4/6/8 Beams & 20/40/60 Meters  
  Please Call : 6 03 8023 4122 for official prices  
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