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Dual Network(GSM&PSTN) Wireles Home Alarm System
Wireless Alarm 2088
Hanter Infrared Beam Dectector
Hanter Wireless Alarm 2078
Hanter Wireless Alarm 2088
Hanter Wireless Alarm 2098
Hanter Wireless Alarm 3088
Hanter Vibration Montion Sensor
Hanter Magnetic Contact
Hanter Infrared Beam Dectector
..... Operating Voltage : 12v
..... Static current:20uA

Transmitting current:20mA


Transmitting Power:15mW



  Data Rate : 50Hz – 60KHz

Operating Temp : -10 ~ 65


Environment Humidity : 30%~90%


Dimension (LxWxH) : 77x40x21mm

  The wireless vibration sensor can detect any vibration. It is suitable for install onto the door, window of car, housing or office. When the door or window was hit, knocked or cut by anyone, the unit will send alarm signal to the master unit.
  1. Adjustable sensitivity
  2.Suitable for wireless security system
  3.Easily mounted onto the door/window by using adhesive tape (included).
  Pen.Malaysia : RM 90.00 per unit  
  For Series HM2088, HM2098 & HM3088
  Pen.Malaysia : RM 100.00 per unit  
  Price does not included delivery and installation charges
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